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Seller is Blazko - Grzegorz Błażko, Poland, Kraków 31-059, Józefa str. 11
REGON: 120054135, NIP: 958-024-98-89

Customer is a natural person being in possession of at least limited legal capacity and having turned 13 (say: thirteen) in accordance with the Civil Code, Articles 11-24, and also a legal person or an organizational unit, not being in the possession of the status of a legal entity.

Shop is the BLAZKO Jewellery online shop, run by the Seller at the online address: http://www.sklep.blazko.pl.

Product/Item are all the articles offered for retail sale in the Shop www.sklep.blazko.pl


General provisions:

These Terms and Conditions determine the principles of making purchases in the BLAZKO Jewellery online Shop run at the address: http://www.sklep.blazko.pl The sole right of running the indicated Shop is owned by the Seller BLAZKO - Grzegorz Błażko with the seat in Poland, Kraków 31-059, Józefa str. 11.

All the Products offered in the Shop are designed and hand-made by Grzegorz Błażko - BLAZKO, are brand new, free of physical and legal defects, and they were legally introduced into the Polish market.

Any placed Order constitutes the sale and purchase agreement as set out in the provisions of the Civil Code.

The photographs of the Products displayed at the Web pages of the Shop are of an informational character only. All the offered items are unique hand-made jewellery and may slightly vary from their original image.

Promotional sale includes a limited number of the Products available in limited time. The fulfillment of Orders at the promotional prices is effectuated in accordance with the sequence of receiving confirmed orders. In case of having run out of the promotional products, the Shop reserves itself the right of ending the Promotional sale at any time.

In case of the occurrence of technical errors on the Web pages of the Shop (such as, for instance, erroneously displayed information on the availability of the Commodity), the Seller reserves itself the right of refusal concerning the fulfillment of the Order.

Registration and placing orders:

An Order may be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time of the year. Orders placed after 17:00, on saturdays, sundays and polish Public Holidays will be considered as placed at the next working day.

Placing an Order by the Customer is possible after: Filling in a registration form on the Web page of the Shop in the correct manner. After registering and logging in, the Customer places an Order by selecting the Item, its size, colour or other feature (where applicable) and "adding to the shopping cart", and next, in the "shopping cart", Customer indicates the selected method of payment and delivery of the Order.

There is also a possibility of making one-time purchases without registration. This form makes it impossible to take advantage of the privileges offered to constant Customers, such as special discounts and promotional actions.

Customer confirms placing the Order by clicking the link recived in the email sent by Shop's system and by paying for the Order. In case of the payment not having been effectuated within 7 (say: seven) days since the moment of placing an Order, the Shop reserves itself the right of the automatic cancellation of the Order.

Registration on the Web site of the Shop is a one-time action. On making subsequent purchase(s) in the Shop, it is sufficient to log in into one`s account, enter the login and password determined beforehand by the Customer.

All the data provided by the Customer are of confidential character and serve only for the purpose of the efficient fulfillment of the Order being placed.
Updating the data may be effectuated with the use of the login and password determined beforehand. Responsibility for a failure to update is borne by the Customer.


All the prices are stated in the Polish Zloty (PLN), and they are gross prices (they include a VAT tax at the rate of 23%). The stated prices of the Products do not include the costs of delivery.

The Price stated next to each product is binding at the moment of placing an Order by the Customer.
Our Products are dispatched together with the confirmation of making the purchase by the Customer in the form of a receipt, or, upon the request, a VAT invoice. If the Customer demands a VAT invoice to be issued, is ought to provide the data indispensable for that purpose in the course of placing an Order.

The Seller reserves itself the right: of changing the prices of the Products to be found in the offer of the Shop, of introducing new Products, of discontinuation of some of the Products, and also of conducting and cancelling promotional actions, or, alternatively, introducing changes in them.


Production of the Item take usualy 3-14 (say: three - fourteen) business days starting from the Order confirmation (reciving Payment) in accordance with the sequence of received confirmed orders.

Shippment within 24h applies to single Items available in stock. These Products are in certain sizes, colours and quantities and their availability is due to change on a daily basis.

Products for special orders ("ask for availability") are to be discussed and priced individualy with the Customer via email, telephone or personaly with the Seller at the Gallery Blazko, Józefa str. 11, Kraków, Poland.

Seller shall make all reasonable efforts to make sure that the Item is produced and ready for dispatch in the shortest possible time.


On the territory of Poland products are usually delivered within 1-2 days business days since dispatch. Shippment to Europe, Russia and Israel takes ca. 5-7 business days since dispatch, Other continents may take up to 15 business days to deliver. 

All shipments outside the European Union may be subject to import charges, which are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The Orders are delivered in Poland with the use of a DHL courier service.
International deliveries are made using Polish Postal Service (Priority/Air Mail or Global Express) or DHL Courier (Europe only). Delivery Costs are listed in Deliver Costs chart and they vary according to the value of purchased items.

All orders over 1000,- PLN (say: one thousand zlotys) are shipped free of charge.

The Seller accepts no responsibility for delays in delivering a dispatch resulting from any causes being beyond its reasonable control, in particular, in the case of the data of delivery having been filled in incorrectly by the Customer, or caused by the Act of God, unless such responsibility results from the provisions of the law.

In order to make it possible for a deliverer to deliver the parcel to the indicated address, the presence of the Customer at this address is required. In order to effectuate the delivery in an efficient manner, the Courier company ought to receive the phone number of the contact phone number which might be used by a courier delivering the dispatch to communicate with the Customer.

All the dispatches are supervised by the Seller and packaged in safe packaging securing them from damage. However, if it should happen that a dispatch reaches the Customer damaged, the Customer ought to refuse to accept it, and next contact the Seller.

Payment methods:

A bank money transfer or a payment into the Sellers bank account:

PL32 1140 2004 0000 3902 7522 7437 swift code: BREXPLPWMU
The order of a bank money transfer should include the number of the placed Order. Customer's own bank charges may occur.

Payment with the use of „DotPay” (free of extra charges)

Payment with the use of "PayPal" (extra 2% of order value added) 


Returns and exchanging:

In accordance with Act of 30th May, 2014, on the protection of consumers` rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended) the Customer who is the consumer is entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal from the sale and purchase agreement within the deadline of 14 (say: fourteen) days since the day of receiving the Commodity. The Customer has the right of returning the purchased Commodity without declaring a reason, upon the condition that its shall be undamaged, packaged in the original packaging, it shall be bearing an original tag and shall have all the standards elements of packaging, and that it shall be bearing no traces of having been used.

The returned Product ought to be sent back to the Seller immediately together with the proof of purchase (a receipt or a VAT invoice).

The Shop has the right of refusing to accept the return of the Commodities in case if any of the above-mentioned conditions has been infringed.

The Seller does not cover the costs of returning the Commodities and the cash-on-delivery shippments will not be accepted.

The Consumer is not entitled to exercise the right of rescission from the agreement in the cases determined in detail in Article 10, Section 3 of the Act.

In case of returning of the Commodity, paid for out of a foreign bank account, the money shall be returned into the the foreign bank account after deducting the costs of effectuating a foreign money order. In case of a failure for the part of the Purchaser to collect the dispatch sent beyond the borders of Poland, the Seller has the right of requiring the Purchaser to pay the costs of a return dispatch.

Returns ought to be directed to the address: BLAZKO - Grzegorz Błażko, Józefa 11 str., 31-059 Kraków, Poland with the endorsement: „ Product Return”.


In the case of any faults of the Product, damage to it caused in the course of transportation or incompatibility of the Commodity with the Commodity contained in the placed Order, having been ascertained the Customer has the right to submit a complaint about the Commodity in accordance with the Act of Special Conditions of Sale to Consumers and of the Act of Amendment to the Civil Code of 27th July, 2002 (Journal of Laws, 2002, issue 141, position 1176, as amended).

Submitting a complaint, each Customer is obligated to send the Commodity being complained about together with the proof of purchase and a form of complaint (upon which the data of the ordering individual and the number of the Order ought to be stated, and upon which the defect complained about ought to be described) to the address: BLAZKO - Grzegorz Błażko, Józefa str. 11, 31-059 Kraków, Poland. In the form, the Customer ought to state the data making it possible to establish a direct contact, for instance, the telephone number or an e-mail address.

In the case of a justified complaint, for instance, the defects resulting from the fault of the Producer, the Product is repaire or in case when repair is not possible, product is exchange for a new one, and is delivered to the Customer at the cost of the Seller.

A complaint shall be reviewed by the Seller within the deadline of 14 (say: fourteen) days since the date of receiving the Product complained about together with the required documents. In the case of it becoming necessary to obtain the expert`s assessment, the deadline of processing the complaint may be extended to 21 (say: twenty-one) calendar days.

The warranty against defects does not cover loss, damage, breakage, changes in appearance, kinks, or the gradual degradation of all or part of the goods due to normal wear, mishap, careless handling, improper use, unauthorised alteration or repair. Tarnishing and slight colour change occurs naturally and therefore, cleaning is not covered by the warranty.

The author`s rights and the trademarks:

All and any graphical designs, logotype, trademarks, packaging design, texts, scripts, creative design, photographs and pictures placed in the service www.sklep.blazko.pl. are protected by the international author`s rights. Any unauthorized use of any of these shall be referred to the court of law.


If you would like to receive e-mail messages with information on new Products, promotional actions and other interesting events, we kindly request that you subscribe for a Newsletter, stating your e-mail address. You may discontinue the subscription of the newsletter at any time, clicking on an appropriate option in any of the messages received from us.

Final provisions:

The information stated on the Web site of the Shop do not constitute an offer as set out in the provisions of the Civil Law, and it is only an invitation to conclude an agreement.

The Seller accepts no responsibility for the results of placing an Order by the Customer in a manner incompatible with these Terms and Conditions, and in particular for the incorrect fulfilling of a registration form.

In accordance with the legal regulations being in force, the responsibility of the Seller in relation to the Customers is limited to the losses, and it shall not encompass lost benefits, and it may not be in excess of the price having been paid by the Customer.

Completing registration on the Web site of the Shop, the Customer expresses his/her consent for their personal data being collected and processed by the Seller in relation to the data stated upon the form solely in order to complete the Order as set out in the Act of 29th August 1997, on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws, 2002, issue 101, position 926, as amended).

The Customer making a purchase in the online Shop www.sklep.blazko.pl. expresses his/her consent for forwarding his/her e-mail address and for processing by the online Shop www.sklep.blazko.pl. the personal data of the Customer in order to send him/her information with the use of e-mail making it possible to conduct the processing of Order efficiently (in accordance with the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August, 1997).

All and any comments and objections connected with the functioning of the Shop ought to be directed with the use of e-mail to the following address: sklep@blazko.pl.

These Terms and Conditions and also any amendments hereto shall enter into force at the moment of their being announced on the Web site of the Shop www.sklep.blazko.pl

Amendments to these Terms and Conditions may be made at any time.

In all the matters not regulated in these Terms and Conditions, the commonly applicable legal regulations, and, in particular, of the Civil Code, shall be applied.


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